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Frequently Asked Questions About The BBGlow Treatment and Course           1. What is BBGlow Facials?       Is a medical grade BBGlow cream that treats the skin while covering imperfections.       2. What are its Benefits? BBGlow/Glass Skin treatment improves your skin by clearing and unclogging your pores. […]

Without flawless skin, you can’t complete your makeup! More than that, the BBGlow benefits are not only limited to the long-lasting foundation effect; I am talking about healthy skin with fewer wrinkles and skin conditions. Most importantly, you won’t need a filter anymore and feel free to use #nomakeup in any of your pictures after […]

Dark black lashes, long-lasting curls, and dramatic look! Nowadays, women don’t have to have a specific group of DNA to reach their desired appearance. Certified Eyelash Technicians are giving this perfection to the clients in as little as an hour. Not surprisingly, the lash extension industry is one of the fast-growing sectors. You are not […]