1 Day Beauty Biz Builder

1 Day Beauty Biz Builder

Shine in the Beauty Industry Like the Total Boss Babe that You Are!
This Course is Designed to Ease You Into the Industry Like a Pro - No Messing Around Bella, Your Ready to Build Your Empire!

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This entrepreneur thing can be confusing ONLY if you have no concrete plan!

Let us not only teach you the technical skill but then we will also teach you how to set yourself up for true success! No more secrets, we are fully committed to not just teaching the skill but truly create industry leaders! This course will help you place yourself in the market as if your business has always been there. You will create your business foundation and achievable goals - leave this course feeling ready to make that moolah in a crazy fun industry! Your time is NOW!!

This course is done through video conferencing in the comfort of your own home...because sometimes we don't want to wear pants at school 😉

Whats Included:

  • 1 Day Training In the Comfort of Your Own Home
  • Manual
  • Instructed by Alana Smit (Yup she's done it herself so she's not just reading a manual!)
  • 1 Week Follow Up (1 Hour Group Training) Alana Will Look Over Your Course Material, Goals and Plans and Help You Dive Deeper
  • 4 Week Follow Up (1 Hour Group Training) A Ton of Boss Babes All in 1 Place? Power House Overload!!!



Course Syllabus

  1. Registering Your Business / Getting Proper Insurance
  2. Implementing a Business Plan
  3. Define Your Avatar for Marketing
  4. Sales Strategy Using the Solo Approach
  5. Steam and Stretch Goals


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