60 Day Ultimate Beauty Biz Builder

Ultimate Beauty Biz Builder

Seriously This Course is NOT Designed for Anyone Who Messes Around!
Build Your Business Into SIX FIGURES at Lightning Speed. This is ONLY For Those Who Want To RULE THE INDUSTRY...NOT BLEND IN!

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So you've mastered the art...but how do you sell it?? This course is how!

Learn from a self made seven figure Boss Babe herself! She's not holding out in this mastery course. You will learn the ropes in the same industry Alana made it in - learn from someone who physically did it, not someone who is paid to read a manual on business building techniques! 

This course is done through video conferencing in the comfort of your own home...because sometimes we don't want to wear pants at school 😉

Whats Included:

  • 60 Day Beauty Biz Building Workshop
  • 1:1 Coaching with Alana Smit Every Week (1 Hour) Alana will review all work once completed and help you dig deeper and think bigger!
  • Group Call Bi-Weekly with Other Boss Babes and Alana (1 Hour) A serious power house brainstorming session!
  • 30 Day Follow Up Call After Completion (1 Hour) Where can we improve moving forward and make more money?!?!
  • 90 Day Follow Up Call After Completion (1 Hour) Fine Tune and Make New Goals - Keep Scaling!
  • Unlimited Email Access With Alana Smit



Course Syllabus

  1. How to Register Your Business / Insurance / Getting Started
  2. Creating Balance between Work and Home
  3. Steam and Stretch Goals for Short Term, Medium Term and Long Term
  4. Developing a Business Plan
  5. Analyzing The Competition
  6. Creating A Competitive Advantage
  7. Prepare a Monthly Budget
  8. Conduct a Market Analysis
  9. Clearly Define Your Avatar To Target Your Girl
  10. How to Implement Taking a Deposit
  11. 6 Keys to Success - Price, Measure, Requirement, Nurture, Iterate, Scale/Goals for continuous growth
  12. How to Upsell - Successfully Obtain MSI (Multiple Sources of Income)
  13. How to Attract and Retain Customers
  14. Define Your Brand Development Strategy Sales Strategy Using The Solo Approach
  15. Promoting Your Business In and Out of the Digital World


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