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Damage-Free Guarantee

What Is The Damage Free Guarantee?

Most spas and technicians are applying damaging sets of eyelash extensions on their clients. After a number of fills, clients are left with very little or no natural eyelashes left at all. This is a very serious problem that is ruining the reputation of the industry. At Graceful Lashes, you can relax during your service as your lash line health is GUARANTEED!

Want to visit another salon or technician? We understand...but, do require your Eyelash Stylist to be Damage Free Guaranteed and DON'T SETTLE FOR ANY LESS!

How Can Graceful Lashes Guarantee This?

We employ only the most qualified and experienced lash stylists to administer your eyelash extensions. Our highly trained technicians work with each individual lash line uniquely and no two sets of lashes are ever the same!

What Comes With the Guarantee?

As a client of Graceful Lashes, rest assured your lash health is in good hands! If for any reason you ever feel your lash line is jeopardized in any way you will get a 100% complimentary lash extension removal - no questions asked!

As a Student of Canada's Lash and Brow Academy Can I Offer This Guarantee?

YES! If you want to partake in this guarantee at your Salon, we will send you the seal of approval for your full use for added credibility to your work and as a stylist! Clients are demanding this guarantee so don't be left behind in this fast-paced industry taking a class from somewhere that does not offer such a guarantee!

* Students to have work examined after certification if they choose to partake in this additional free certification and must show the proper lash application with no clumps, no sticking and prove proper glue control prior to receiving the seal for promotional material via 2 - 30 second video’s.

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