Nano Brows

Perfect Eyebrows, Everyday...

Nano Brow / Precision Eyebrow Tattoo / Eyebrow Micro-pigmentation is fascinating as it has collided two worlds into one. The precision of the microblade meets longevity of the traditional tattoo.

The size of the needle replicates that of a real hair and bends with the stroking of the technician, in essence, replicating a real hair look in the skin with extremely minimum trauma. Microblades can give the same result but risk of injury to the skin is much higher. Nano Brow / Precision Eyebrow Tattoo / Eyebrow Micro-pigmentation is the most innovative, safest and precise technique in the industry to date!


Initial Treatment


4-6 Week Follow-up


1-2 Year touch-up

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Nano brow / precision eyebrow tattoo


Those with hair loss or lack of definition, thin brows caused by years of over-tweezing, those who have undergone chemotherapy or have been affected by alopecia, scars, lengthen/shorten or correct asymmetry, those with active lifestyles or for those who simply do not want to apply conventional makeup.

Clients undergo a full consultation where they are in full control of the colour being chosen as well as shape. The technician learns intense colour theory that they will apply to help the client understand skin tone along with proper hair colour for them. Every colour is custom blended by the technician and ok’d by the client for their individual's needs before the Nano Brow/Precision Eyebrow Tattoo procedure is started.

Technicians are fully trained in not just colour theory but also designing the shape of the eyebrows. They learn extensively face shapes, facial symmetry and mapping and measuring out the perfect brow using the Brow Quad Ratio. Only a technician with extensive knowledge of the face as a whole will get a perfect shape and keep facial harmony each and every time.



Will the Nano Brow Fade?

Yes, it is considered a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo so on average you will get 3-5 years before needing to re-do the eyebrow tattoo. However, the initial appointment is not complete without a 4-6 week touch up as the brows will fade much faster without this appointment that promotes the longevity as well as precision for symmetry.

Can I Have This Procedure Done if I Have an Autoimmune Disease?

Unfortunately no as your immune system is prone to being lower and can sometimes interfere with the healing process unless you can get a doctors note that you are in good enough health to undergo a Nano Brow tattoo.

Can I Get Tattooed if I Am Pregnant?

No, unfortunately, we can not tattoo anyone who is pregnant under any circumstance it is for you and your baby's safety but we'd be happy to help after!

Are There Any Side Effects?

Your brows may be swollen up to 30% larger during healing, red and in rare cases bruised; however, rare it is considered a normal side effect. You can use a gel ice pack 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off for 1 hour to alleviate any discomfort. These side effects generally subside within 24-48 hours.


48 Hour Cancellation/Reschedule Policy or Client will be charged 50% of the service cost. Credit Card is required to hold any booking. As much as we love children, the beauty lounge is not designed to keep them entertained. We want to ensure your child’s safety at all times. This is your time and we want to make the best of it! Please make arrangements for child-care.

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